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Starting from France, roving all the way to Syria. Next stop has not been decided. Along the way are too many wonderful things and we’d like to share the best gift everywhere with you. After visiting so many different cities and homes with different styles, we realize that no matter what language people speak, they always have the same habit of sharing the best stuff with their guests. It is hoped for being natural with no additives but with a sense of healing, which is also what we most want to share with you for taking home.

Sharing the best at your home- Chez toi.

Chez toi upholds the concepts of environmentally friendly and sincerely returning to nature, our products are from natural and we insist on the simple, pure, and lifestyles, expecting to create relaxed, healthy, and soothing life. The most important three elements around Chez toi are Lifestyle,Taste, and Nature. Natural selection is not a paranoid but a good attitude.Being world-friendly and body-friendly is the main focus of the selection ofChez toi. Our products do not cause environmental burden, also not leading to the burden of your skin. Our final wish is to share the best thing and the best gift with friends at their home.  

“Fais comme chez toi!”

In stepping with a hectic pace, rigid work controls people’s life. They shuttle back and forth in large and small noisy and bustling cities.Always at the stopping moment, people would recall the warm greeting-“Hej”, “Ciao”,“Hello”, ”Bonjour”, and “Aloha”, as if they have known for many years. With such warm greeting from different countries and cultures as well as different food styles, a hearty welcome would be the same that they hope you to feel like being at home and freely enjoy the moment there.


That is the best spirit of Chez toi.